Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page, we hope you find the answers you are looking for, however if you need further assistance with your enquiry, please contact us by calling 01732 757900 or emailing [email protected]


How do I become a customer?
If you would like to become a customer, please fill out in full the form that can be found at https://www.albionfinefoods.com/contact-us. Please allow some time for the team to review and come back to you

Do you deliver on Sundays?
We deliver every day of the week including on Sundays. If we need to close for any reason we will communicate via email and social media. Please sign up to our newsletter when you open an account to ensure you receive important updates

Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum order on our deliveries

Do you charge for delivery?
There is no charge for delivery


How do I register to order online?
To register for online ordering you need to be an existing customer with Albion. If you need to open an account with us, please refer to the question above "How do I become a customer?"
If you are an existing customer, please head over to https://www.albionfinefoods.com/account/register and fill out the requested information. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter so that we can keep you updated with important information

How do I sign up to the newsletter? 
It's great if you want to be kept up to date, please follow this link https://www.albionfinefoods.com/newsletter-signup and fill out your first name, last name and email address. It's as simple as that

Why can’t I see my prices?
Prices are only visible once you are signed in to an existing account. If you have more than one account, make sure you select one when you log in, otherwise all products will appear as "Currently Unavailable". If this happens go to My Account > Switch Accounts and choose the account you wish to view 

I want to change my account details, how do I do this? 
No problem, simply click this link to email us directly, detailing your account number / name and which information you would like to update. Please note:- If you change your email address you can still use your existing password when you sign in. 


How do I make a complaint?
We are sorry if you are not happy with our service. To make a complaint, please call 01732 757 900 or email [email protected]

Where do I find allergen information and ingedients?
Allergen information and ingredients can be found on the website when you click on a product and select the drop downs. Our products are updated often, so if you do not see anything yet, please call 01732 757900 or email [email protected] requesting a specification sheet. Thank you for your patience whilst we get everything up to date


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