Albion Fine Foods

Delivering 7 days a week

01732 757900

We supply 7 days a week to London and the South East.

The office is manned 7 days a week, with voicemail in operation between midnight and 8am.

A selection of some of the brands / suppliers / producers we are working with:

Lescure, Boiron, Callebaut Cocoa Barry, Johnson's, Maldon, Valrhona, Brindisa, Texturas, Hellmans, Louis Francois, Heinz, Colston Bassett, Walkers Shortbread, Geeta's, San Pellegrino, Billington's, Stokes, Tate & Lyle, Taywell, Dove's Flours, Moulbie, Kellogg's, Newby, Kikkoman, Matthew's Flours, A1 Steak Sauce, Tiptree, Fentimans, Breckland Orchard drinks, Colman's, Bonsoy Soy Milk, De Cecco...

A highlight of some of the product categories we do:

Dairy - butter, cream, milk, yoghurt, cheese.

Dry goods - oil, vinegar, herbs, spices, flour, chocolate, nuts, rice, beans, tinned goods, bar snacks, chutneys, preserves, cereals, pastry cases.

Chilled - smoked salmon, sliced and whole meats, Mediterranean items such as pesto, artichokes, sundried tomatoes.

Specialist - molecular gastronomy, patisserie ingredients, essences, ethnic and quirky, hard to find items.

Frozen - purees, pastry, pasta, bread, brioche buns, pastries, ice cream.

Non-food - blue towel, foil, clingfilm, napkins, cleaning and chemicals, take-away sundries.